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Design System Guidelines

Championing many products into one design pattern


Program Lead




Winter 2017-Spring 2018


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Design system guidelines, component specs, new review process

Program lead for the Salesforce Lightning Design System guidelines on builder type products. Over the course of six months, I worked with a cross-product team of many design owners to agree on how we would align the designs of our different “builder” type products. I was more heavily involved in the specification and alignment of certain components more than others, such as the Builder Header component. However, I was involved as an editor and provided feedback on all of the components. I was also the primary author of the published Builder Guideline.

Read my Medium article (linked below) about the process to learn more.

Sketch Library

List of Participating Products and Designers

Framing workshop to align on definitions

Guideline draft for the builder header component

Specification draft for builder header component

Example states of builder header component